We’re moving to Italy

Yes, you read that correctly. We are moving to Italy. To be exact we will be moving to Vicenza, Italy. We will be close to Verona and Venice. 

We will be taking the pups with us, Johnny and I were concerned that Gunner is going to pass here soon. Gunner has been such a huge part of our life and it seems selfish to bring him with us. Lilly is a resilient little mutt who acclimates in any environment as long as there are no all white dogs around. I have a feeling that the flight over there is going to stress me out as I will be so concerned how the dogs are doing on the flights over there. We are trying to divide up the flights so they aren’t to miserable.

I am already making the lists of stuff we need to get organized on, Johnny is just laughing at me as he knows it’s just how I deal with all this excitement.

So save your pennies….

I have a feeling I will be running our own B&B with all the family and friends who will be visiting.


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