49 Days left in Alaska


I love Sunday mornings. There is such a peacefulness to the day. Of course there are the chores that are usually done, but John and I take the moment to catch up on all the shows we have missed in the week. Lately we enjoy
watching the traveling shows such as Rick Steve’s. Seeing all the locations we are putting on our wish list.

As the days are getting fewer here in Alaska the sun is staying out later every night and allowing us to enjoy all that we can of Alaska while we are still here. We have loved living here. The breath taking scenery, the very friendly people, and the non stop fun and adventures you can have here. You will / should never be bored if you live in Alaska.

So with 49 days left here I leave you with this youtube video which has so much information but puts into terms where we will be moving to and the location to other towns and attractions around us.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday. I am getting started with my cup of tea and watching the sun rise higher and higher.

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