5 Days left in Alaska

Starting on Monday of last week we had the movers come and pack up all of the stuff we were not taking to Italy to be stored until we come back to the states. On Wednesday the real fun began when one poor guy was sent to pack up our entire 4 bedroom house by himself. It really was impressive house efficient he was. He truly did have the entire house minus a few things packed and ready to be loaded into crates by 8:30pm. He started around 10:30am. John and I were in awe. Thursday he had one other guy come and help finish up and start the loading process. We had our whole house loaded and ready to go be the end of Friday.

During all this I came down with a horrible digestive bug, which meant John was all on his own figuring things out. I have been reminded many times that I owe him big time. But really it was pretty awesome of him just to let me get through this bug and let me recoup.

Currently we are living in what I like to think is our dogs version of heaven. We are staying at a residence in where its a studio apartment set up. We have our bedroom, living room and kitchen in all one space. The pups get to go on multiple walks by Mom & Dad. Poor Gunner is slowing down on us, walks are not as fun as they use to be for him. However he & Lilly do enjoy the elevator rides and all the new people.

This 4 day weekend was pretty awesome, I got to spend some quality time with my girlfriend Trisha. She had some new accounts that were having soft openings this Memorial Day weekend. We were able to eat some pretty good food and share lots of wine and giggles throughout the day & night.

Memorial Day Monday was kinda hard on John and I. All the conversations with friends, reading posts, and seeing all the stuff on tv had us a little teary eyed. We are so grateful to have met those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and are forever humbled by this life that gives us extraordinary friends and experiences along the way.

For those of you counting we will be flying out on Saturday from Alaska to Washington and starting our 1 month family & friends tour. We will officially be leaving for Italy on July 1st.






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