Rethinking Spokane

As a teenager I moved to Spokane and wanted to move away as soon as I graduated from High School, which I did. John and I have had the opportunity to visit Spokane often. I would say over the last few years the conversation has come up on how great it is here and how we can see ourselves living here.
Well this last visit has helped solidify that thought / feeling of this is where we should end up. This place has everything you really need. It’s great how you are able to enjoy all the seasons and there is just so much to take in and enjoy.
My little sister is even back after graduating from college and she sees all the promise Spokane has to offer. It is awesome to see (and taste) all the new restaurants, breweries and wineries that have popped up over the last ten or so years.

Spokane is a cool and beautiful place to visit but even better to live!

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