We made it to Italy!

We have made it to Italy. What an adventure. The 16+ hour flight to get here was so worth it. Once we had Gunner & Lilly settled with the transportation we were on our way. Who would have understood the stress of moving two dogs to Europe. Our flight here was thankfully uneventful.
Once we landed at Marco Polo airport we went through the customs and meet up with our sponsors spouse. Eryn has been such a help from our emails back and forth with also picking us up and showing us around. Our first stop was to get some coffee, and John was in heaven with the Italian coffee.
We checked into our hotel and were blown away at how friendly and helpful everyone is here. People really take the time to not only try and understand what you are asking for but are patient enough to listen to our broken Italian. The hotel we are staying at is called Hotel Mary and is on the other side of the block from a church, which ring their bells for each hour and once on the half hour. At first Lilly didn’t know what to do with all the new sounds and smells. Gunner is settling in just fine, however his age is catching up to him and it is becoming more difficult for him to get around.

So with the language barrier John and I are determined to learn the language. In true Johnny form he hits the RosettaStone first thing in the morning with his coffee. Not sure I am as excited about having Italian phrases yelled out at me for an alarm.

Here are some photos of the hotel apartment we are staying in, from conversations with others at the hotel it looks like this will be our home for at least a month to possibly two. I will be posting more soon the internet isn’t quite the best here.

Much love to our family & friends!


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