Brazilian food & Block Party

Well I know many of you have been asking about the housing situation and we have found a beautiful house that over meets our requirements and expectations, however it is just to good to be true. So we are waiting until the lease is signed to post anything in fear that we are jumping the gun and jinxing ourselves. Trust me when I say this place is amazing and can hold plenty of visitors. When I do post I will write about how we found / ended up where we are at. It is a pretty cool story.

So our soon to be neighbor (Dan) picked us up the other night and took us out to a Brazilian restaurant. I know that there are restaurants like this in the states, however John and I never went to one. After going we know we will never pass up this type of place again.

This place was a little out of the way, so we are grateful that our new neighbor Dan was kind enough to pick us up and take us there. For about 20 Euros you get all you can eat meat & salad bar, and when I say all you can eat I mean it. You will waddle out of that place with a sizable food baby. Good rule of thumb is just to avoid the carbs and do a complete nothing but protein meal. You will never regret a meal like this. The instructions are pretty simple, if you want more meat keep your sign on green, if you are done and do not care for any more meat turn it over to red.

After dinner it seems pretty customary to offer a shot of what ever alcoholic spirit or liquor while you pay your bill. I guess it is a quick way to get your apéritifs/digestifs while you are heading out the door. Under the influence driving is not uncommon here even though drunk driving is not tolerated. Not sure how that all works out for the Italians.

We are still trying to learn to slow down and be at the Italian pace, it is a little difficult but I am learning to take the afternoon riposo. You have to have more energy for the night time activities.

After our dinner we went to a block like party, it was in a large parking lot or school play ground area. They had bumper cars, large carnival swings and other fun kid attractions to draw you in to paying more money. On the other side of the event there was a large stage with DJs spinning country music. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY – COUNTRY MUSIC. Apparently there is a huge country music fan base here where they go out and line dance along with having festivals catered to those who love everything country.

Our neighbor Dan is apart of a very popular country band here and was telling us how alot of Italians love Texas and even John Denver. Honestly I think this is one of the most shocking things I have learned about living here.

The other shocking thing is all the pop/rap/top 40 music that is played around here in English is full of words you would never hear in a public area much less one with children present. Please excuse the video, but I was riding the bumper cars with one of the kids in our party and this song was playing. I could not pass up recording it. Yes the lyrics are “lets fuck, in my head”.

John are on our way today to go see downtown Vicenza. I am sure I will have plenty of pictures to show. Until then…



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