Casa Dolce Casa (Home Sweet Home)

It’s official we have signed our lease today and will be getting the keys next week.

We have been told by many that we are reaching some kind of record of in-processing into the country. Many of our peers at the hotel we are staying at have been living here for close or over a month. We arrived on July 2nd and found our place and signed a lease in less than 2 weeks. John is for once happy that I am a planner and I have found us a awesome place.

I was so lucky in doing so by answering a Facebook post from our soon to be neighbor Dan. He was looking for some cool people to living next to. Guess What… We are those cool people.

Below is the video that I took of our place and you can hear John in the background talking to the translator and the Landlord. We met with the landlord today and he seems really nice and Dan has indicated that he is a pleasure to work with as well.

The video is not the best, but you will just have to come and visit us see for yourself. The video starts with the first of 3 bathrooms. The green bathroom is located on the first floor, it has a shower, sink and toilet. Then you will see the garage which is tiled and has a huge manual door. I then go back to the green bathroom for a better look. Next we move into the laundry room where you will see something that looks like a mirror, that is a door that opens to the back yard. The doors to the outside are huge and fortress like. Following the laundry room is a storage area that also has a safe, we were pleasantly surprised at this amenity. I then turn around and you will see the front entrance, we have a massive green door that really could dual as a bank safe door. To the right is the kitchen with all the cabinets and sink, there are no appliances yet as we have to loan them out. No worries we will have them around the time our household goods come. I will be “loaning” gas stove with oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and a dryer. I then take you up stairs to the master bedroom which leads to the private balcony ( you get to see our view) and then the master bathroom which is pink. I then go up a set of stairs that has the final bathroom which is tiled in blue and on each side of the bathroom are bedrooms. So we have plenty of room for lots of guests. Those guest rooms have a semi opened balcony which you can see the front yard. To finish out the tour I take you down the glorious stairs to see the living / dinning room area and out the front door. You will see that we have an olive tree in our front yard. We are completely gated in so the dogs can run free and the gypsy’s will stay out as you can see from the road there is a white/orange bubble looking thing on the outside of the house. That is our security system.
Update! Here are photos of the awesome appliances we got to put into our home, by far my favorite is the stove! I even have a rotisserie in the oven. Thanksgiving & Christmas is gonna be amazing.

Here is the video:

Here is some additional photos I took as well.

Start Booking YOUR Tickets! We will be open for visitors starting in September 2014!


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