Did someone say steak?

This was by far one of the best steaks places I have ever been to. The cook / butcher brought out racks of meat to be cut to order. All of us ordered the T-Bone that was well over (1200 grams) 40z of steak a piece. These delectable steaks were cooked and seasoned so perfectly that there was really no need to add anything to them. However we did have some in our party who added a pat of butter or some salt to theirs along with a wedge of Lemon (Italians like lemon on their steaks). Eating is family style and you are served fried polenta with your steaks along with platters of local in season vegetables. There is an option of getting pasta prior to your meal, but why fill up on carbs when you have so much delicious steak to enjoy? Bottles of the local red wine are put on your table to help you wash it all down. For only about 30 euros a person this is a steal of a deal for how much food you are given.

Not sure what the options are for dessert as we all had food babies when leaving…734400_10203871636139042_5443569316675792993_n

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