Suck it up Buttercup! Is what they say right?

Well it is official we have been in Italy for a full month and so far we love many things, currently however we are not in love with the work or should I say lack there of.

Sooner or later I knew there would be an issue or cause for me to loose my happy feelings here and guess what, It’s happened! The lack of communication with our household goods, car and now utilities is wanting me to engage B-mode (This is what close friends affectionately refer to me going Bitchy). I keep telling myself that this is Italy and I will get more flies with sugar, but this shit is really making me mad.

We have been waiting over two months for our household goods, and for the longest time we were told that they still had not made it to Italy. They were shipped in MAY! Once we kept pressing the issue, a tracker was sent and apparently they have been in Genoa, Italy since the 24th of July. Currently they are going through “customs” and hopefully we will get a email soon on when we should expect a delivery date.

As far as the car is concerned we have no earthly idea where it is or when it will arrive. So in the meantime we have purchased a beater of a car, it is a 1997 BMW but is will get us from point A-Z. I am glad that John decided to buy it as he has been riding his bicycle to and from work which is quite dangerous on the main streets. Riding your bike here is a hazardous sport. If you take the residential streets you are better off.

The straw that broke me today is the fact that I have been waiting here all day for the internet/phone guys to show up for installation. At 3pm I called the store in which we made the appointment over 15 days ago (we were given and installation date then) and I was informed that I would have to physically come into the store to get an answer. Not being able to go, just in case someone does show, I sent John. He finally gets a sorta answer that they are now not coming out until the 26th of August. No reason why, just suck it up and deal with it.

That is all you can do here. Suck it up buttercup is what they say right? I guess I will just have to drink more so I will care less.


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