Grocery Shopping in Italy

Italy gives you many options when it comes to purchasing food. You have the mega grocery stores here like you do in the states as well as your local mom & pop stores. Depending on what you are looking for and how much you are interested in buying will determine where you shop. Most Italians shop every day to every few days for their groceries buying no more than a bag or two of items.

I have been to the butcher and fruits & vegetables shops. Also I’ve been to the open markets where you can purchase your fish, meats, cheese and produce. In many of the villages they have a set day in which they have thier open air markets. On Mondays there is a produce truck that comes to my street and I can buy from them as well.

I was most entertained by the large mega marts that have rows and rows of pasta along with isles of olive oils, olives, meats, cheeses, prosecco, and so much more. When you are shopping in the produce section the Italians use plastic gloves to retrieve their items and there is a number associated with the item. You take it to the sale, weigh it and press the number items number and a sticker with bar code it printed. You put this on the item or on the bag of produce to assist when you check out.

I encourage you to go shopping with me when you come for a visit as it is an experience to be had, especially for those cooks out there. I know I was in my element when I first walked into one of these stores.

Here are some of the photos I took…

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