Benvenuti (Welcome)

Benvenuti is a three day class that is provided to the spouses. It’s a great way to learn about the area in which we are living as well as cultural etiquette and some common phrases to help us we when are out and about.

On our first day we were taken to the local hospital to get know how to get there and where to reach the liaison if we should ever need them. This was a useful trip as we saw where to go to pay for services rendered as it is not like in the states where you wait for a bill. Also important information on how to get to the ER and where to park and where not to.

Our Second day we went to downtown Vicenza to explore the market and see some of the sites that most venture out to see and tour. Now if you have been following me you know that I have already been downtown and explored the markets, however I really enjoyed this trip as our guide Carla was giving us additional information about the buildings and insiders knowledge. Carla is a native Italian and is such a great teacher/host/director. She is full of so much knowledge and has really encouraged us to utilize what little Italian we have learned to communicate and navigate ourselves around. Today we toured the Teatro Olympico, Galleria di Palazzo Chiericati, as well as a local church (I apologize as I can’t remember the name). We also went to a wonderful restaurant for lunch and splurged on a bit of gelato during our walk. This was all so useful because I now know where to take you all when you come to visit and want to explore.

Here are the pictures from day one…

I will post day two pictures here when we go to Padova (tommorrow)

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