30 minute away oasis

I was lucky enough to go with my neighbor and some of her friends for a Spa day. This by far is the best place I have ever been to for a spa day.

About 30 minutes from where I live there is a place called Quisisana which is a luxury hotel and spa. However on their webpage they refer (English translation) to it as a hotel & Beauty Farm. Farm or not I was happy to graze all day while taking the occasional cat nap on the lounge chairs.

We were truly blessed with a late fall as it was in the upper 70’s in mid October. There is a warm swimming pool that keeps you warm, as well as a wet steam room and a dry steam room. Once you feel the need to leave the saunas there are multiple areas where you can refresh yourself by going through a series of water that is kept at different temperatures. Some of them are even enhanced with mint or lemon verbena. Lunch is included with the cost of visiting the spa, which is only €40 (great deal). If you so choose to get a massage, facial, mud wrap or any of their many services you pay additional for those.

I was informed that many of the patrons who come to the hotel are there for more than one day.
The facility has doctors on staff so you can get your check up done as well as indulge in some therapy.
I love that the Italian (or Europeans for that fact) are so comfortable with their bodies. You saw men walking around in speedos with full body hair everywhere. Let’s just say I was the only one not wearing a bikini. They strutted around with their suits on like they could have been in a magazine. If anything I am hoping that by the time I leave here I will have that much confidence to go out and not care and just have fun. Honestly thou it was refreshing to see and also helped me relax and just enjoy the day.

Knowing this place is so close to home it is going to be hard to only go once a month to take a day to sit back relax and just be.

More information check out their website

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