So much to be Thankful For

Every year we host Thanksgiving with our friends and occasionally we have family show up too. This year most definitely had a twist while celebrating in Italy. Most staples were easy to come by and with so many Americans in our area there really wasn’t anything you couldn’t find. I found the best part of living here was the free range and fresh turkeys for purchase. It really wasn’t that expensive for the fresh over the frozen.

It was really one of the most relaxing Thanksgiving’s I’ve had. All guests brought dishes to share and there was more than enough leftovers for everyone to take home. I think the most exciting part was the dessert table as there were 4 pies, a cake, 2 trays of Rice Krispies, and a pumpkin roll.

This was a Thanksgiving full of laughter and good times.

Wishing you all the best with yours in the States.

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