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Celebrating Birthdays

It just so happens that I am exactly one month older than my husband when it comes times to our Birthdays. I am the first to get older and I allow him to call me his old lady just for that month.

This year was a bit hectic as the Hubby was not able to celebrate with me out and about due to a work issue that came up. I was pretty bummed but made the most out the New Years eve celebrations. I went with a group of people to a 50’s style diner in Padova, Italy. The diner is called American Graffiti ( They really try to get as close to the Americana menu as they can. I’ve been finding that the Italian Americanized menu options are on the healthier side of the spectrum. Here you can get your ginormous hamburgers, but you will not have the seasonings and added flavors that one might expect. Some of the Americans that I partied with were a bit disappointed with the food, but you really can’t be too upset when there was an open bar included in the dinner.

American Graffiti had the decor down and hearing rockabilly and country music being played (my neighbor’s band, The Dusty Saddle Boys) was an added treat.

The Hubby’s Birthday was a follow up to the 50’s theme on New Years Eve. We hosted a cocktail party and had a few friends over to celebrate. I made traditional foods made in the 50’s, such as smoked salmon on cucumbers, bacon wrapped chestnuts, pimento cheese on toasts, a selection of meats and cheeses and my good friend made Lumpia.
Special double chocolate bacon bourbon and whiskey sour cupcakes were made for the Birthday Boy.

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