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Dessert Lumpia

What can be said about banana lumpia? That it is so freaking delicious! My first encounter with these hand sized desserts was at Mrs. D’s house. Mrs. D is Filipino but loves to reminisces about Hawaii on a daily basis. So for one of her memories we made Turon which is also known as banana lumpia which she has offered to show me how to make and post for you all.

Banana Lumpia is so easy to make but has a great wow factor for any occasion.


* 6 very ripe plantains (you want them black for the softer center)
* 2 cups light brown sugar
* 1- 2 boxes lumpia wrappers
* Canola Oil
* water to seal lumpia

Optional additions: Cinnamon or Jake Fruit


Rinse plantains to clean outer area. Cut off ends and slice into 3 equal pieces. Peel off skins and cut in half.

Roll plantain in brown sugar then roll tight.

Heat frying pan with oil. You should have enough oil in pan to go at least half way up the lumpia. Cook lumpia until they look almost burnt. Once the correct color let cool on a drying rack.

In between batches remove sugar that floats to top of frying pan.

Yields 36 lumpia rolls

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