Paris & Bordeaux, France

I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Paris with a friend this past September. What was incredible about this trip was she is fluent in French and had lived in Paris. This was the most non stressful trip I have taken to date. Since we are both winos and foodie lovers it was a match made in travel heaven. The whole time I was there I felt blessed to be standing in Paris, drink champange every chance I got. I also gained at least 10 pound taking in all the macaroons, french onion soup, fresh baked bread, homemade butters, etc.

We also took a trip to Bordeaux to really indulge in our love for wine. We stayed in this excellent airbnb that was located above a bakery. The struggle to get out of bed and run downstairs to grab fresh bread and croissants was all to difficult. The apartment looked like it was decorated by Betsy Johnson but was perfect for two girls exploring Bordeaux.

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