Apple & Pear Festival

I absolutely love Fall. This Apple & Pear Festival took place in early October in Lusiana, a northern Italian.  Many flock to the town to celebrate the harvest of these fruits. In the  main hall, farmers proudly display their best fruit and other items. Lusiana is know for their farming and cheese so there is also a museum dedicated to the history of the town and how cheese was made in the past. Imaging that farmers would have a cow or two to milk for their families cheese production.  You can see it would be hard to herd cattle on these steep streets.

My favorite is the community of folk singer and vendors. Many of the booths we came across sold handmade items such as honey, roasted chestnuts, apple cider, apple butter, and dried apples and pears too.

If you are ever in the northern area of Italy and you are in town during the fall, I highly recommend getting out and visiting some of the local festivals.

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