Below is a listing of completed projects or events that I have coordinated and was involved in the planning and implementation process. These events had a participation of 50 people up to 1000.

By Clicking on the link you will be taken to a news article documenting the event. 

Welcoming Soldiers Back from Deployment

Logistical planning and notification processes were used to get soldiers and their family members in the same location at the same time while observing operational security.

Country’s BBQ Run

Fun 5k run with a local restaurant and the community while also coordinating the same race in Iraq. Video feeds and local businesses were coordinated in this project.

Kids Deployment Camp

Creating a fun environment for children of soldiers who were to be sent on a year long deployment. This eased fears and stressors for families, as well as give some insight to what their solider would be doing.

Computer give away

A large corporate company wanted to give away refurbished computers to those in need during deployment. This generous gift allowed those to communicate via email and video chat.

ASBP Blood Drive

Coordinated the largest blood drive on Fort Benning, GA with the help of the local arena football team.

Deployment Fair

Executed a Pre- Deployment fair as well as a Post- Deployment fair for Soldiers and their families. This connected the local business, schools, and agencies with soldiers and their families to show case their resources.

Queensrÿche Fort Benning, GA Concert

Working with the USO we were able to provide the space and fundraising opportunities for soldiers and their families to have a FREE concert.

Matt Kenney Fundraiser

This event was to help out a local runner who tragically fell during a competition and suffered injuries including a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Years later he is doing much better and is competing again.  This event raised thousands of dollars in part to the generosity of the local businesses and therefore assisted in medical bills for the Kenney Family. 

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