Dr. Genevieve Parsons

Andrea helped us in various tasks in 2017-18. She is independent, dependable, and creative. She is friendly, approachable and has excellent communication skills. I would recommend Andrea without reservation. We will miss having her around and would welcome her help any time!

Lilyan W.

Very logical, hard working, great to work with, very self organizing when given a task..we briefly stopped because of problems within my family that I had to deal with..looking forward to working with her again..she can work well at a multitude of levels…very smart.

Peter & Stephanie Jones

Words can’t describe how valuable to our team she was. She’s a go-getter and always thinking ahead. Andrea is positive, energetic and upbeat. You would not regret having her on your team. She is creative and knows how to implement a plan. Hire her, I will again!

Stefanie A.

Andrea is a very reliable and organized person. She is always punctual and accurate. She is willing to take on any task no matter how easy or hard the task may be and she always goes the extra mile to make sure everything is on point.

Thomas Woodie

Andrea is one of the most focused and dedicated employees I have supervised over the years. As the Family Readiness Support Assistant for the 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, she developed resources and teams to accomplish numerous tough missions and personally lead innovative events for the Soldiers and Families of the Brigade. She cared deeply for the 3rd Brigade Family and it showed in all she did. I recommend her for any position where passion and initiative is needed.

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